Create new projects as much as possible, and watch as you soar high in web development. Meanwhile, the front-end parts are handled by a separate professional (usually, a web designer). Back-end developers and engineers have similar technical skills, but different responsibilities. A back-end developer is like a teacher, whereas a back-end engineer is like a school principal who creates the big-picture strategy. Back-end developers tend to focus on smaller parts of the whole, such as applications and programs, working with teams to prove their design methods are viable. Back-end development means working on server-side software, which focuses on everything you can’t see on a website.

who is web developer

Since its beginnings at the end of the 20th century, the internet has grown exponentially. In the modern world, a huge percentage of people use the Internet and all kinds of websites every day. Naturally, some people decide to learn to create them, therefore « What is a web developer? » is a commonly asked question.

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Back-End Web Developers can also choose to specialize in mobile application development and work primarily on Android and iOS apps. This certificate also offers two industry certifications, Linux Essentials and AWS Cloud, which will add extra power to your portfolio of experience. You are also guaranteed admission into a WGU College of IT degree program.

  • A lot of people confuse the terms web developer and web designer and think these two are interchangeable terms.
  • Keep in mind that you do need to learn a huge number of things to become a successful developer.
  • They’ll provide feedback, support, and advice as you build your new career.
  • Your skills are the next part of your profile – both soft and technical skills.
  • Fortunately, anyone can learn the technical skills needed to be front-end, back-end, or full-stack (both front- and back-end) developers.

Software developers, on the other hand, tend to be hired by companies in need of new programs and/or applications. This work may be by contract (for a fixed period of time) or a permanent, salaried position. With these projects you can start to create your web developer portfolio—a great way of attracting attention among potential employers and future clients. If you’re focussing more on frontend development, then being able to show off your skills is even more important. Some employers are looking for entry-level positions that do not require any experience, but of course, build on existing knowledge and skills.

What Is a Web Developer?

If you want to build all the skills you’ll need as a web developer, check out our Career Paths. Our Career Paths are designed to teach you everything you’ll need to know to land an entry-level position in your desired field. They also include projects that you can use to create a portfolio and certificates upon completion for you to add to your resume. Back-end developers structure the back end of a website to adequately support the front-end experiences of users. This involves structuring the core logic of an application, implementing APIs (application programming interfaces), and building and integrating databases that support the front end.

who is web developer

A web development concentration can be helpful if you want to pursue a particular niche in web development and stand out as a job applicant. A web developer’s day often starts with handling emergencies like fixing bugs in a new site. The second part of the day might include editing the previous day’s work, meeting with UI designers, or responding to error reports.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Dez Udezue, a software engineering manager at Meta and a 16-year industry veteran, suggests early-career developers direct their attention to their immediate job tasks. « Hyper focus on the direct manager over the technology stack. They influence growth a lot, especially in the early part of their career, » he says. A web developer specializes in building and maintaining websites and web applications.

Web developers also need to know how to express complex ideas in simple terms without being condescending. Just like how you may not know the best way to route an exhaust pipe for a septic system, your clients may not understand the basics of web development. But with good communication skills, you can explain anything, including how it helps boost their bottom line.

Back-End Developer

Historically, PHP has dominated definitions of what is a web developer. Known as the language of the internet, it is currently used in some form on around 80% of websites in existence. Although it is slowly decreasing in popularity, PHP is still a great language for any back-end web developer to learn. Although it has traditionally been a front-end language, and one which is vital for any front-end developer to learn, JavaScript is becoming increasingly popular for back-end development as well. The web developer takes the designer’s concepts and creates the code that is used to turn them into a website and bring them to people like you and me. It will make you a lot more employable, will give you a greater understanding of the whole concept of what is web development, and will make it easier for you to create entire websites on your own.

who is web developer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that web development jobs will grow by 23% between 2021 and 2031 — much faster than the national average growth for all occupations. Web developers work independently as freelancers or with company teams to create websites. These professionals may focus on front-end or back-end development, depending on their specific roles. Web developers build websites and ensure they perform reliably and efficiently. Learn more about this critical role in the tech industry and how to get started.

How To Be A Web Developer

Senior web developers earn some of the highest salaries in the field. For example, the average lead software engineer earns an average annual salary around $122,000. On average, professionals who earn a master of computer science in web development earn around $92,000 per year.

Multiple educational pathways can lead to a career in web development. Discover programs you’re interested in and take charge of your education. Though conceived in the 1980s, the public Internet only took off in 1993 after the introduction of the Mosaic web browser.

Develop a Knowledge of Web Development Tools

Front end is responsible for how a website looks, while back end for the server, it’s applications and databases to ensure the best user experience. If you would like to become a web developer, you must first choose between front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. You will need to learn the relevant languages, and you will need to practice building websites and the applications which run them.

Become a Web Developer

The average salary for a good web developer is good enough in India at present. The salary depends on factors such as skills, location, and job position. If you have a growing reputation in your organization, your chances of getting promoted are higher. You will get new connections and interact with industry leaders as you raise your profile.

Front-End Developer Responsibilities

Common certifications include certified professional in Python programming, Adobe certified expert, and certified software development professional. Entry-level jobs often require only a small amount of formal education and training. As the Internet continues to expand, so does the demand for talented web developers, making this career an attractive option.